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Official registered foundation under ACRA Singapore. VEAGLE CAPITAL LTD is certified and confirmed as a legal company.

The project EAGLE is aiming that every investor will HOLD the token as we are building a complete ecosystem that will maximize the utilities of our token and create values for our investor.

What is Singapore Foundation and ACRA?

A "Foundation" is a non-profit legal person created following these Regulations to engage in public welfare utilising property supplied by natural persons, legal persons, or other organisations. The Singapore Foundation is a non-profit public guarantee enterprise registered as a public company with ACRA.

Advantages 1

Singapore's blockchain laws are excellent, and compliance documentation can be issued later. Preserving investor rights is achievable.

Advantages 2

Well-known ones such as Litecoin, Bytom, and Qantas are all registered Singapore foundations. This a valid point to give confidence to our investors.

Advantages 3

Singapore has a good blockchain policy and approach. It's perfect for an Asia-Pacific operation centre.


Official Documentations

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  • Certificate
  • Notice

Certificate Confirming Incorporation Of Company


Notice Of Incoporation Under Section 19(4)




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Product Manager




Community Manager


Our why and mission.

We aiming to go back to the purest of tokens, we do not add any mode or features to our token but only expand the community consensus and build a complete ecosystem. Nowdays the market are full of desire and greed, people are impetuous, and the project team just wants to earn and scam. Regardless the project is static, dynamic, focus on first-level or second-level, most of them are just greedy team that want to get money from the investors' pocket.

The token itself is a financial attribute, and it has bubbles. Coupled with the violate mode or tokenomics, the bubbles are invisibly increased, and the investors will mostly suffer from it.

Distributed holders + Ecosystem building

The main goal of this project is to allow retail investors to disperse and jointly hold coins. At the same time, the project party will also focus on creating a closed-loop ecosystem, so that tokens can be truly circulated and have actual utilities. For this reason, the project party chooses to combine with the traditional Chinese marketing team to sell the corresponding products in the form of gift, so as to fully and completely break up the tokens.

The sales team will spend an equivalent amount of money in the early stage to purchase the corresponding product and get the corresponding number of tokens for free. It is precisely because the sales team did not know anything about the tokens at first, so their belief in tokens is pure, solid and beneficial, and they can truly reach a consensus at the bottom.

In the early stage, it has been broken up and held by more than 10,000 retail users of the Chinese entity marketing team. Then as long as there is a good ecology and strong consensus, this coin will definitely become a ray of light in the dark


Project model, avoid pump and dump

Strong financial strength support from foundation

More than million non-crypto holders support with strong consensus

Building a closed ecosystem for project

Tiger Eagle Card


  • Each anchored with 1,800 tokens
  • 1% of the transaction volume dividend is evenly distributed
  • Every transaction through exchange will distribute to wallet that hold
  • 200 coins per month for the first 6 months
  • 100 coins per month for the next 6 months

Phoenix Eagle Card


  • Each anchored with 900 tokens
  • 3% of the transaction volume dividend is evenly distributed
  • Every transaction through exchange will distribute to wallet that hold
  • 100 coins per month for the first 6 months
  • 50 coins per month for the next 6 months


Total Issue Amount: 10,000,000 $EAGLE

  • Offline Sales: 50.584%
  • NFT: 7.416%
  • Online Private Sales: 3%
  • Pool: 10% - Lock every 6 months
  • Project Team: 15% - February 2023 started first release. Linear Release.
  • Marketing: 2%
  • Ecosystem: 7% - Locked until February 2023
  • CEX/DEX Listing: 5% - Locked until June 2023
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With our on-chain game and marketplace as the main part of the ecosystem, the foundation also reach a strategic cooperation with the Durian Garden at Malaysia Jidi Group to create a new app which is expected to be launched in February 2023

On-chain Farm System

In the first phase, 888 durian trees will be developed and open for members to purchase voluntarily.

  • Each tree will cost 1,000 eagle coins.
  • Tree cycle is divided into 1 month and 3 months. After completing the planting task, they will get 5% and 25% of the Eagle token income respectively as well as durian pieces.
  • Collect 4 durian pieces to get the real top-quality Musang King durian issued by the durian garden in Malaysia
  • You just need to complete the planting task 5 times a day, or accumulate it in total

On-chain Card Games

This game is based on China's Happy Landlord. Players will exchange their Eagle coins for equivalent game beans.

  • The game market contains necessaries that needed for life like rice, noodle, oil, beauty products, digital products, etc.
  • Our game is different from the gambling system, and it is also higher than the other similar games. You can't withdraw your in-game coins as cash or exchanges as real life product on other game, but in our chain game, coins can be converted into game beans, and beans can be exchanged for commodities.

  • At present, the chain game types included are Landlord, Texas Poker, etc.
  • More fun and competitive games will be added in the later stage!
  • The chain game project only charges one game bean per game as a service fee, and all the service fees enter the ecological pool cycle.

On-chain Mall

The project will attract a lot of high-quality merchants to enter the mall

Corresponding eagle coins will be collected as a deposit, and all the profits obtained by each commodity mall will enter the ecological pool cycle.

A huge traffice international mall will be built

Circulatory System

  • First 888 eagle coins obtained from planting durian trees are the pot coins reserved for the project to build the ecology
  • After that, a new tree will only be generated after the entertainment system and the mall system will generate 250 Eagle tokens profits
  • In this way, through the internal circulation, there will be no bubbles, and the lock-up will be increased and the circulation will be reduced

Ecological Invitation System

In order to better promote the ecology, the project will launch a direct push invitation code to allow more users to participate in the experience

At the same time, it will reward the active promoter of the small durian tree

More and more benefits to our holders!

In the later stage of the project, the AI intelligent experience will be developed including Malaysia local food street and the experience of domestic snack street

In short, all the intentions is to contribute back to our community. We want to be light in the darkness of the currency circle, allowing our ecology create a market value, and the market value will give back to the public.

At the same time, this project is not only for people in the crypto circle, but all the public and physical businesses can get involved,

Strategic Partners

  • Durian cultiavation base in Malaysia
  • A Malaysian durian brand with its own planting base
  • 3000 mu of Pahang State unique landform and climatic conditions breed unparalleled original taste

The Malaysian state of Pahang is located in a 500-meter high mountain with a tropical rainforest climate. Moderate rainfall throughout the year, natural drainage, the morning mist keeps the stems moist, drying more slowly, the durian fruit falls later, and the fruit landing time is delayed, Make durian absorb rich nutrition, high maturity and unique taste.

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Follow the standards, no artificial ripening

With love and effort, we cultivate every old tree durian for you

D197 Old Tree Musang King

With rich flavor and color, the meat of Musang King is thick and smooth, with a strong bitter and sweet taste, and the layering is particularly rich.

Old tree "Small"/"Puangmanee" Musang King

The aroma is extremely rich, the taste is extremely delicate and layered, sweet and fragrant, slightly bitter and sweet, and the teeth and cheeks are fragrant

D160 Old Tree Tekka Durian

Sweet taste, creamy pulp which is very popular

D200 Old Tree Black Thorn

The flesh is bright orange-yellow, the flesh is thick and sweet (with a bit of creaminess), the flavor is the most layered, and the stone is large

D198 Golden Phoenix

The flesh of the golden phoenix is pale in color. Even similar to the color of milk, the taste is moist and juicy, and the sweetness is slightly wine and milky.

D175 Old Tree Red Prawn

The best choice for "sweet" durian lovers The Red Prawn is thick and sticky



2022 Q4

  • Website & Whitepaper Launch
  • Token Launch
  • Audit Report
  • NFT Launch
  • Social Media Marketing

2023 Q1

  • Marketing Push
  • Dapp launch
  • Game Launch
  • Listing In Various CEX/DEX
  • New Gameplay

2023 Q2

  • In-Game Marketplace
  • Durian Farm Tour
  • Game Mode Increase
  • On-chain Market Launch
  • CMC & CG

2023 Q3

  • Expand on-chain shop seller
  • Binance Listing
  • Expand Collaboration Partnership
  • Durian Farm Tour II
  • Explore more ecosystem mode